Founded in 1988, Another Chance House is a nonprofit provider of emergency shelter and permanent, low-income rental housing to homeless males.

ACH is unique and innovative because it offers several types of housing for long-term efforts toward self-sufficiency. Currently, housing is available for 55.

ACH is continually expanding its housing services by acquiring more properties that can be offered as low-income housing. It has expanded its role in the Amarillo community by collaborating with other organizations to assist more men, eliminate drug neighborhoods and minimize poverty.

Program Services include case management, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, recovery programs, respect programs, family orientation, employment referral, vocational training and transportation.

Another Chance House reserves a select number of beds for America's veterans. This program is a collaboration between ACH and the Veteran's Administration.

While the cost of living continues to increase, the annual budget of Another Chance House has not kept pace. Therefore, every dollar received goes a very long way toward providing food, shelter and services for the homeless.

Another Chance House is funded by donations and grants. If you would like to contribute very needed and much appreciated funding contact Bobby Nixon. Visit our Donate page for ways to make a contribution or call (806) 372-3344.

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